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Глубокая простота вилл шутц
Глубокая простота вилл шутц
Глубокая простота, вилл шутц...

Загадка детям о профессии бухгалтер
Загадка детям о профессии бухгалтер
Строитель. Детям о специальностях - Мир детей...

Гетеа сан андреас по сети
Гетеа сан андреас по сети
Играем в GTA San Andreas по сети 5 Гонки с Другом - YouTube...




4 картинки 1 слово 126 уровень
Название: 4 картинки 1 слово 126 уровень
Год: 2003
Язык: Русский
Размер: 4.60Mb

April 2013 Volume 126, Issue 4, p275-366, e1-e Next. Receive New Issues Articles Email Alert. Abstract Image. Published online February Novel mutations in Italian patients with neurofibromatosis type; The Kalligrammatidae are distinctive, large, conspicuous, lacewings found in Eurasia from the Middle Jurassic to mid Early Cretaceous. A new phylogeny and classification of five subfamilies and their constituent genera is proposed for the Kalligrammatidae. Some genera and species erected by early systematists and assigned to the Kalligrammatidae were poorly described and based solely on fragmentary wings. The authors for the new taxa established below shall be Yang, Wang, Labandeira, Shih and Ren. Antennae filiform, usually not exceeding the length of forewing. The extinct family Kalligrammatidae is characterized by remarkably large body size, extremely broad wing shape, unusually dense venation and complex secondary branches of longitudinal veins, which allow separation from other families by their branching pattern. Jul 7, Genetic analysis of Neurofibromatosis type 1 NF1 may facilitate the. 2000 at the DNA level and studied by Nementhova et al. RNA level Fahsold et al. Figure Distributions of the 206 single small mutations. TableSdocx, Word document, 17K, Table Because of incomplete and often inadequate fossil preservation, an absence of detailed morphology, unclear relationships, and unknown evolutionary trends, the Kalligrammatidae are poorly understood. These diverse, yet highly specialized taxa from northeastern China suggest that eastern Eurasia likely was an important diversification center for the Kalligrammatidae. Kalligrammatids also have a mosaic of structural features displayed in other, various neuropterans. There are conflicting relationships among genera and species within the family. However, the systematic position of this genus within the Kalligrammatidae remains uncertain. We redefine the family based on synapomorphic characters, and present a dichotomous key and classification of the genera. Mouthparts mandibulate, or more commonly siphonate and forming a prominent proboscis from conjoined maxillary galeae. Costal region expanded, costal veinlets dichotomously branched distally (with the exception of the Oregrammatinae), interlinked by numerous smaller veinlets. In general, specimens of Kalligrammatidae are poorly preserved with overlapping, incomplete or fragmentary wings.

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Опубликовал: donaldduck95 | 23 апреля 2016 | Авторские права (abuse)

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